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Show Bitrate with Alfred

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you may have noticed the inability of Finder to display the bitrate (tag) correctly for MP3s as well as for other music formats. Any ideas how to do this with Alfred?





Not really sure what it is you are looking for? Are you wanting a workflow/script filter that will show bitrate and such about a track or are you asking if Alfred could show that info the way that it shows file size and such?

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Hello David, thank you for your prompt reply.


I know that what I'm requesting for could eventually be implemented in different ways:


- via Workflow that selects the file in Finder and shows the tags incl. bitrate, size, format etc. via Growl or Notifications

- direct integration after performing "File Selection" in "File Search" -> Actions. Just add the bitrate as an additional tag in the right part of the results-window swhere between "Size" "Opens in" "Created" "Modified"


I'm just a bit bothered, that since ML the bitrate of a track is not displayed in Finder anymore. Having addressed this bug (?) to Apple already without any prospect on solving it, I thought it would be great to have it displayed via Alfred, since Alfred is the most used tools in my everday workflows

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Well yeah as you indicated it could be done numerous ways but which are you more looking to get done? If you're wanting it as a built in feature to Alfred, we may need to move this to the feature requests forum. Otherwise it's a workflow or something and I'll see if I can help you get something set up

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