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  1. Hey Bed, just stumbled upon your link while searching for a way to access my Alfred snippets from my iPhone. Unfortunately it's not working on my iOS 12, would you mind to help me troubleshooting? I have installed your workflow, set the correct path, enabled access to my Dropbox, but it only displayed "snippets (0 KB)" and after touching this > "File not found" (or similar, I have it in German) Any idea? Thank you ?
  2. Hi, I have just upgraded my mac to 10.13 via fresh install, then installed Dropbox, waited to finish sync, installed Alfred and fetched all my workflows. Now I realize that a few workflows are not working anymore Examples: "Dial with iPhone" - When entering the API-key from Prowl, I receive a confirmation notification, but when hitting "dial 00493042018191" I will be prompted to re-add the API-key. After 3 times adding the key I gave up. "linguee-alfred-workflow" - When I enter the keyword "de", the Alfred modal is showing that the workflow has started. But
  3. I am using this workflow sometimes and recently discovered, that firing it will show the external IPv6. But sometimes you want to know the external IPv4 of your network. In case you want to switch "IP Address" back to IPv4 you simply need to replace the URL used in the script to fetch the external IP from icanhazip.com to ipv4.icanhazip.com To achieve this just open the workflow in Alfred, open the first step of the workflow "ip" (Script Filter) and there you find the URL in the second line. Replace it and save the workflow. Now the workflow wil
  4. I restarted both Alfred & BC, but the bug remains: 17.08.16 07:55:00,990 Alfred 3[14143]: [TIMER] 1.397466 seconds to initialise Alfred 3 17.08.16 07:55:07,602 Console[14145]: Failed to connect (_consoleX) outlet from (NSApplication) to (ConsoleX): missing setter or instance variable 17.08.16 07:55:14,295 com.apple.AddressBook.ContactsAccountsService[13116]: [Accounts] Current connection, <NSXPCConnection: 0x7f8db861ecb0> connection from pid 14143, doesn't have account access. 17.08.16 07:55:14,296 Alfred 3[14143]: [Accounts] Failed to update account with identifier FE6FD329-5364
  5. Hello, I have replaced my OSX addressbook with BusyContacts (BC) and setup the URL Handler in Alfred accordingly to: busycontacts://show/{uid} However, many times the connection between Alfred & BC seems to be "broken", as no contacts are displayed in Alfred even when I type the complete name. I have checked the console and found the following entry recently: 17.08.16 07:45:27,311 com.apple.AddressBook.ContactsAccountsService[13116]: [Accounts] Current connection, <NSXPCConnection: 0x7f8db8622a30> connection from pid 13927, doesn't have account access. 17.08.16 07:4
  6. Hello Vero, I was able to make a 10 seconds screenrecording where the issue is more easy visualized: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmw1UhqaNLQ I hope this message finds you well Kind regards, Sascha original Hi Vero, thank you for your feedback and sorry for late reply. I didn't get any mail-notification about your reply. When I tried to reproduce the move-file-action, nothing got recorded in Console. I restartet Alfred and voila: move-file-action is working again as expected and actions get recor
  7. Hi, since upgrading to 10.11.6 (from 10.10) I cannot move applications from anywhere (Downloads, DMGs etc.) to the Applications folder by using the Alfred-File-Action "Move to". The Mac-User that I always work with has no admin-privileges, so when I performed "Move to" in the past, I have always been prompted to enter the admin-credentials of my Mac. This has been working nicely. I try to upload a screen-recording to show you what is currently happening. Hope someone can help me to re-enable the workaround, because this is how I install new applications or updates to my Mac ht
  8. Since Upgrading to Alfred 3 the workflow is not working anymore. I have re-entered my prowl api-key, but still get the result when dialing a number or a contact: "You need to enter your API key first: :dialsetup <YOUR_API_KEY>" Who else has upgraded to Alfred 3 and experience the same issue? Any suggestion how to fix it?
  9. Hello, since Apple has removed the Pages.app function to fill out placeholders by drag'n'drop a contact-card from Address-Book.app, I wonder if anyone has created a workflow to substitute this kind of function. I will try to describe the workflow by giving it the name "Contact to Pages" Workflow 1. Setup placeholders in Pages e.g. "city": - in Pages select a word and go to Menu -> Format -> Advanced -> Define as placeholder text - now switch to the right panel -> More and remane the Script Tag "None" to "city" 2. Fire "Contact to Pages" workflow in Alfred which will pro
  10. Hello, I use iTerm.app instead of Terminal.app. But it's not working. When I set Alfred to use Terminal.app and call the "Open Terminal here" action on a specific file, this file will be opened in Terminal correctly using the correct path pattern, e.g. /Users/username/Documents/file But when I set Alfred to use iTerm, nothing happens. I have inserted this Script: on alfred_script(q) tell application "iTerm.app" activate do script q end tell end alfred_script I tried to leave the quotes and .app suffix or both, but no result. Would be very happy if anybody could help me with t
  11. Hello, I was happy to find a Workflow for Toggl here! Unfortunatly I cannot authenticate using my Email or API token. When I enter "tgl" for the first time, I have 2 options: login - Login to toggl.com token - Manually enter toggle.com API token http://note.io/173LzmB I'm sure that I have entered the correct credentials / token. Please note, that I am using the free-plan on toggle.com But the workflow keeps requesting Login or Token. Any idea what went wrong and how I can get it running correctly? Thank you! Sascha
  12. Hello David, thank you for your prompt reply. I know that what I'm requesting for could eventually be implemented in different ways: - via Workflow that selects the file in Finder and shows the tags incl. bitrate, size, format etc. via Growl or Notifications - direct integration after performing "File Selection" in "File Search" -> Actions. Just add the bitrate as an additional tag in the right part of the results-window swhere between "Size" "Opens in" "Created" "Modified" I'm just a bit bothered, that since ML the bitrate of a track is not displayed in Finder anymore. Having
  13. Hello, you may have noticed the inability of Finder to display the bitrate (tag) correctly for MP3s as well as for other music formats. Any ideas how to do this with Alfred? Cheers, Sascha
  14. Very cool, thanks for this great workflow! To make it perfect, please consider to add the following function (as previously mentioned by LeChuck): - Support of smart mailboxes. Currently, they don't seem to be supported.
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