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Fuzzy searching

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It would be much easier if I could type letters in the name of a file/program and get those results from a fuzzy search. For example, I think of "Devonthink Pro" as "DVT," not as "Dev." If I type "dv," I get nothing for results.


You can switch on "Full fuzzy match from word boundary" in Alfred's Advanced preferences, but this can result in noisier search results so here are a few alternative options:


- Use Spotlight Comments (by pressing Cmd + I on the app you want to add a comment to) to add shortcut/nicknames for the apps where you do this regularly

- Create a mini workflow (Using the "Launch file group from keyword" template) for apps you want to create nicknames for

- Create hotkeys to launch your favourite apps from a hotkey instead, which is even quicker ;)


These would be more efficient than switching on full fuzzy matching :)

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