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More customization of modifier keys on Alfred's core results.


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Right now, the user can assign (1) search with default web search, (2) search with spotlight, (3) reveal in Finder (if local), and (4) action visible results to enter pressed with the three modifier keys (⌃, ⌥, and ⌘).


I think it would be great if we could have more customization here. I'm not sure how to explain so I'll just write out what my preferred set up for files and folders results would be in an ideal world:


↩ alone: open file, or show files inside if results is a folder

↩ + ⌘: reveal file in finder, or open folder (instead of the folder's container to show folder's location)

↩ + ⌥: send path of enclosing folder to open/save dialogue if result is a file, send path of folder to open/save dialogue if result is a folder

↩ + ⌃: go back up the folder hierarchy (useful if allowed to drill down into folders in the results)


Some other options, could be shortcuts to often-used file actions, like "open with...", etc. Or, to get really complicated, one of the options could be to run a script. I imagine it to be something like this in the preferences:


                         result is file                     result is folder

↩ alone:          [dropdown menu]          [dropdown menu]

↩ + ⌘:            [dropdown menu]          [dropdown menu]

↩ + ⌥:            [dropdown menu]          [dropdown menu]

↩ + ⌃:             [dropdown menu]          [dropdown menu]

↩ + [other modifier keys]… etc.


Where [dropdown menu] options are:



open in Alfred results (not possible for files)

return to enclosing folder in Alfred results


send path to open/save dialogue

send path of enclosing folder to open/save dialogue

open with...

copy path

copy file

run script...   etc.


I think this would improve Alfred by allowing users to set the actions they do most often to the quickest method possible. It could be because I'm new to Alfred or because I heavily use Alfred to navigate my very structured folder hierarchy… but I find that going through the file browser and file action areas takes a long time and is kind of unintuitive. Maybe I'm not used to it yet. (I know that I can press ⌘+↓ to change to the file navigation system).


Maybe these things could be done with a workflow, but I have zero coding experience and my first attempt - for something much simpler - was kind of a failure. It could also be argued that different actions for files and folders is too confusing or complicated, but when starting with Alfred I found that I expected this behaviour and had to teach myself the Alfred way.


I understand that this may not be possible or that others may not be interested in this, but I hope you will consider this idea. I think it would make Alfred perfect for me so I had to ask! Just in case it's possible. If anyone reading this has any suggestions, I'd appreciate hearing about them. I searched the forums for solutions but didn't find too much.






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