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workflow: bash script that calls redcarpet

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I have a script which echos stuff into an html file and then renders markdown there. It works when called from the terminal. When called in a Alfred workflow however, the echo commands work – the redcarpet command doesn't.


I suspect it might have to do with me using rbenv and the enviroment not being accessible in the workflow, but am not fluent enough to debug this.


Here is the workflow:


t=`mktemp /tmp/alfred_prepend.XXXXXXXX`
d=`date +%Y-%m-%d`
e="- "$q"    ["$d"]"

cat - $f <<< $e > $t
mv $t $f
rm $t


And here is the script:


cd ~/projects/filtercake

touch bookmarks.html
echo "---" > bookmarks.html
echo "layout: default" >> bookmarks.html
echo "title: bookmarks" >> bookmarks.html
echo "---" >> bookmarks.html
echo " " >> bookmarks.html

echo "<h1>Bookmarks</h1>" >> bookmarks.html

redcarpet linklist.md >> bookmarks.html

The workflow is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2146484/bookmark.alfredworkflow


Any help would be much appreciated...

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