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List of all my applications

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My first application with the amazing tool Alfred.

Maybe you like it !!!


Download at:





it makes an application list showing on you desktop created in the downloads folder.




Script Info



cd /Applications
ls *.app | sed '/^$/d' | sed '/Contents/d' | sed 's/\.[^ ]*/ /g' >  ~/Downloads/list.txt
open ~/Downloads/list.txt


Best Regards,


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You should not have the killall Terminal line. Not only the workflow as you’ve built it has no need for a terminal, you’d be potentially closing a terminal window the user might be using. Further, instead of having /Users/mamekedi, you can just have ~ or ${HOME} — both those mean “the user’s home directory”, so if you change them that way, it’ll work for every user “out of the box”.

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