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Adobe InDesign PDF Export

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This is a workflow I've just created to speed up exporting PDF's from Adobe InDesign.


Specify keyword pdf with optional page number arguments (1-2, 3-18, 22)

If no argument is specified all pages will be exported.


PDF is exported to your Desktop for ease of access.


You will also be prompted to choose your print PDF preset.


Overall it is a much more fluid experience than the normal method of exporting.


Saves me lots of time!



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Awesome workflow!  Possible to tweak?


1) export destination as the same location as the indesign file?  (instead of automatically dropping it on the desktop)

2) have some kind of modifier to run the export to cycle through all open indesign docs, instead of just exporting only current active document?  e.g. I have 5 indesign docs open and I want to export all of them to their own PDFs with one alfred command, instead of having to do the alfred command three times.



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