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  1. Hi dsburfitt. I'm very late to the conversation here, but I hoped to find if you were ultimately able to get the Applescript to work just by replacing that first line with dfay's recommended "POSIX" line. With that edit, I can file-action my script to run as far as activating InDesign (CS6 in my case…changed the app's name in my script), but no placement of the Alfred-actioned file occurs. From what I read of Applescript in InDesign, it shouldn't matter that I'm attempting this with CS6 rather than CC 2017. Just wondering if you needed to otherwise tweak you original script to get it working. Thanks for your time.
  2. Sorry to respond so late. Using those icons from the Anytime and Upcoming lists would look great. I'm still heavily using both versions of Things, so this workflow has been a real help. The new Areas icons look sharp, too. Thanks for all your work on this.
  3. Probably just my bad use of tech terminology! I just meant to say that when I am only running Things 2 (for organizing my job workload), your workflow works with it, indicating the old foci ("Next", "Scheduled") with the Areas icon. When run both versions of Things simultaneously, the workflow conveniently interacts only with Things 3 (no conflicts). I'm attaching an image here to demonstrate. Anyway, it's a helpful bonus.
  4. These have all been great enhancements. I noticed this workflow also deprecates gracefully when running Things 2 instead of Things 3. Thank you very much!
  5. Terrific! Any plans to make results stay visible in Alfred even after a to-do has been acted upon by modifier key (i.e. cancelled or deleted)? Would be wonderful not to have to invoke Alfred each time an action is taken. Thank you for the workflow as it stands now, though!
  6. This is great. Thanks for sharing it. Is there anyway to filter down to the desired item or otherwise quickly select it from the View in Alfred option?
  7. @Melgorin Yes, that was a wonderful help and nicely presented. If you find any ways to enhance this workflow, don't hold back! Cheers.
  8. Thank you, deanishe. That cleared things right up. Now I can make search global (and not list-specific) by default.
  9. I would love to get this to work, but I must be misunderstanding your instruction. Pasting that string into my browser returns a top search engine result to this thread. On the other hand, pasting the string into Alfred's quick entry pane imports a custom search under "Web Search" in Alfred's preference panel with a keyword of "2do", but when I invoke Alfred, type that keyword and enter a search term, Alfred prompts for a target application, and 2Do.app is greyed out. What am I missing?
  10. Hey, this helped a lot! I would have gotten nowhere without your instruction to replace the dialog calls, so thanks again. This achieves exactly what I was after – double command keying into various workflows depending on the active app.
  11. Thank you very much. At my level of (in)competence, I'll just do what I can with the those display dialog calls!
  12. Thank you, deanishe. I'm glad to know I'm not missing something about the core functionality. Would you (or anyone) happen to have an Applescript to share that does what you described? Not knowing how to write applescript myself, I'm still confident I can repurpose such a script to target my applications. I already use a lot of applescripts with Alfred, mostly cobbled from bits an pieces people have shared on these forums.
  13. @dfay Thanks for your response. Looking over your two recommended approaches, I don't think I want to change any setup of my applescripts in pursuit of this hotkey behavior. To clarify, I'm after the sort of functionality described in the "Top tip" called out in yellow on this documentation page: http://support.alfredapp.com/workflows:config:triggers-hotkey I've figured out a lot in Alfred, but the hotkey behavior that doc page describes has me really confused. Can anyone attest to having setup two identical hotkeys with "Action: Show Alfred / Argument: Text / Text: {specific to related app(s)}"? If not, can anyone demonstrate how identical hotkeys with different contextual output work out of the box in Alfred?
  14. Does this functionality require that the hotkeys directly trigger applescripts (which scripts also requires some tinkering to cooperate). Am I right to figure this is no solution if I want identical hotkeys to load Alfred's window with variously predefined text? In my case, depending on which app I have focused, I was hoping a single hotkey could load Alfred with certain characters (differentiated by separate instances of the hotkey). This text input would result in an Alfred dropdown menu of keyword-linked applescripts (already defined in workflows setup for each given application). I already use different text-triggering hotkeys to call on identically key-worded applescripts in various workflows. I was hoping I could just use one hotkey to enter different workflows depending on the app in focus and thereby cut down on friction. So, with that aim in mind I deleted all the hotkeys from their respective workflows and redefined them in a separate workflow (named "Hotkeys") as the official documentation seemed to indicate I must. Separating text-triggering hotkeys from the workflows containing their associated keyword-launched applescripts does not interfere with functionality. Within the "Hotkeys" workflow I began recreating the hotkeys one by one, first defining their distinct text output and then targeting different "related apps" for each hotkey. Still, I am prevented from defining any two with the same key combo. Why won't this work?
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