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I have for example a YouTube-Workflow, when I show the thumbnails it loads too long, when I show the YouTube-Icon, it's boring. I would love a feature, where I can give you the external image link and alfred shows me the default icon as a placeholder and after the youtube thumbnail is loaded, it shows me that.
I would need this feature for many workflows from me :)
You could fade it in and it would look professionel and very good (imo)

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Seconded. It would be very handy to be able to provide a URL for an icon.

It can be problematic, though. IIRC, Growl discontinued support for that feature because slow/unresponsive webservers made a real mess of things.

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atm i am downloading the icons via script by myself. imo, if the webserver is slow and i get a timeout, the icon can be discarded.

when i click on an item before the icon is loaded, growl or notification center will show the placeholder icon (default icon of this app).


i would love this feature! i would need this so often, i have some workflows (wiktionary, youtube, google image, google search, iconfinder), where i cant show any icons, because the results will appear very slowly when i do.

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