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[Feature Request] Paste Stack


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I'd love to do something like this:


Copy 1

Copy 2

Paste 2

Paste 1


I use this very frequently with LaunchBar, and would absolutely LOVE to see it in Alfred. It's the last remaining thing that I need to switch to Alfred.

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Are you aware of Alfred's Clipboard History? You just need to enable it under Features/Clipboard/History as it's disabled by default.

Yes, I'm aware. Does it let me (with a keyboard shortcut, such as control+option+command+v paste off the stack?


Copy an item (command+c)

Copy another item (command+c)

Paste the last item (control+option+command+v) - note this removes the last item from the stack

Paste the first item (control+option+command+v) - clearing the stack (effectively for this example)


As far as i can tell, this is not there.


I really do not want to have to manually do this as it is an extremely common thing and a simple keyboard shortcut would save me repeatedly. 

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Alt-Command-C*, then Command 2

Alt-Command-C*, then Command 1


Couldn't be easier that, no? I personally prefer Alfred not to delete anything from my clipboard history.

Also I like to be able to see what's in the clipboard history, as I find myself as often wanting to past the third-, fourth-, etc item in the history as often as the second one.

The use case you describe seems pretty special to me, I can't see how to derive a sane general behaviour from that ranging over more than two items.



*  the configuration I use

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In Mac OSX you can use a second copy/paste way fort text, kill and yank. You can select any text and then hit Control+K to copy the text and then to copy the clipboard text you only need to hit Control+y, it has some limitations but maybe can solve your problem.

(I don't speak English very well, sorry)

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