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  1. Sorry, totally missed out on the notification of this post. The issue was that I had an absolute file path in the script that broke it. Used a relative path and fixed it up. So nothing on your end or anything specific to Big Sur, just me being silly!
  2. It does run, but there are some issues with certain features (I'll try to document and report the issues appropriately. It may well be user error in some cases). I'm sure Andrew and Vero will get all these things sorted out over the beta period! It is a beta period after all! UPDATE AAAAAAND it was user error. Minor tweak to my AppleScript and it fixed it up.
  3. It's possible that that file type falls under a category you have excluded in Alfred. Go to Alfred Preferences>Features>File Search and about 3/4 of the way down you'll see "Don't Show:" I suspect if you have source files of plist files selected as "Don't Show", that particular file may not show up. Another place to look is Features>Default Results and check your search scope. It is possible that while Spotlight has indexed the directory, that it has not been included in Alfred's search scope.
  4. Whew! Man I've really blown this one. I've re-re-edited the original post so the screenshot and download SHOULD work! Sorry guys!
  5. Hi Chaps, I have a strange orange background. I have an equally strange blue-green Alfred theme. The colours are supposed to contrast nicely, according to some algorithm on some website somewhere. The algorithm in my brain agrees. Screenshot Download Enjoy!
  6. Yes, I think it did contain whitespace (it was an alfred workflow and I have since deleted the zip so I cannot confirm). Thanks for making the swift change, this is an invaluable extension! Cheers
  7. Just another note, Looks like it doesn't know how to handle .zip files. If the user selects a zip file and presses enter, nothing happens.
  8. I suspect you could write your own script to do this such that a script would query NSWorkspace and depending on the results be executed or not. Alternatively, if you have application specific hotkeys, these could likely be set up using OS X could they not? In particular, I am thinking of System Preferences>Keyboard>Keyboard Shortcuts.
  9. Loving all the new features! They are all very exciting. Just wanted to echo what quoquus is saying. There is a counter-intuitiveness to the history feature at the moment. When the user is browsing the history and pushes "down", I suspect they are expecting one of two potential outcomes. 1) navigating the reverse direction in the history 2) navigation of the currently displayed search results. Currently the functionality is in line with 2. But the problem, as I see it, is that this immediately pushes the user out of the history, so continued pushing of the up arrow after pushing the down arrow does not result in navigating to the next history item, it scrolls through the search results, circling back from result 1 to result 20. Perhaps it could be configured so that if the user arrows to the first search result after a downward arrow press while browsing the history, the user can continue through the history instead of being taken from result 1 to result 20. Alternatively, what about choosing an alternative keystroke? Page up/down or fn-up arrow/down arrow? either that or we can all just learn to adapt!
  10. I'm sure the pending documentation will also be rather revealing, but in the meantime we get to experiment!
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