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Alfred Tea Master: reference for tea information, without leaving Alfred

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Hi guys,


I made a workflow that serves as a searchable tea reference, with type, quantity, temperature and time, as well as ability to look at others within a teas type and start a timer.


Here's a screenshot of what it looks like to pull up a tea:



Don't be frightened by the ridiculous query, to get there, it's just as simple as:


1) Pulling up the Tea Master using "tea"



2) Going to either a category or search (in this case a search on "ch")



3) Pressing the tea you want to pull up information for (bringing you back to the first photo).




The github page is here. If you have any additions (e.g. more teas!!) please pull request. 


Download the workflow here.


Star and/or comment below if you find it useful. Would love to get some feedback.

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Also, if you're interested in how this workflow is set up (being able to pull up data (e.g. steep time, temp) on a result (a certain tea in the search) without leaving Alfred), I am currently developing the "Alfred Reference Framework" which makes it easy to set up a workflow similar to this. The github page is here.

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This looks interesting.


Thanks! I've been getting really into it. Right now it's at the point where it's easy to make a reference workflow with static data like this one just by changing the contents of a delimited file, and I'm working on a library that makes it possible to display dynamically generated data in this manner. I'll give it it's own post once I'm further along.

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