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  1. It is just automatic, it will download in the background during next library update. And yes it will remember current progress and only download new artworks.
  2. type spot_mini_kill in alfred to stop the artwork downloading process. note for everybody: reinstalling the workflow never helps 😉
  3. You either forgot to set the redirect URI "http://localhost:15298/callback.php" or click the save button as mentioned in docs
  4. Hello - your plugin is absolutely fantastic! I was hoping you could help with that quick question I had posted in the thread regarding how to add a song to My Music? I haven't been able to set that default command. Thank you so much!!

  5. Simply go in settings (invoke workflow spot_mini and this is the last option):
  6. The best way is to go to the playlist in the workflow, and then choose open in spotify:
  7. there is no export function, but all your data is stored locally in a SQLite dB, so you can eventually export from that.
  8. Hello All, I've just released version 9.0, which is a major version with lot of improvements (podcast support, modifier key to queue tracks or episode, preview tracks, etc..) see article here https://alfred-spotify-mini-player.com/blog/Version-9.0/ Enjoy !
  9. ok, please send debug zip file as I mentioned in my previous update
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