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  1. I made a workflow that expedites many of the mundane commenting procedures out there. Here is an example of one of the commands in the workflow: Other commands create header comments, section comments, and the infamous HTML comment is included as well. The github page is here. The releases page where you can get the latest version is here. Feel free to PR with more functionality.
  2. Hi guys, I made BASH framework for Alfred that makes it easy to create a certain kind of workflow that allows you search and look up information without leaving the Alfred interface. It basically allows you to display results after selecting a result. It's a way around the fact that "Script Filters are the only way to pass feedback to Alfred" Here is an example. The magic happens at step 3. 1. Type in workflow keyword: 2. Type query to find results: 3. Selection of a result brings up additional results. There are two options for workflow creation: static, which is similar to just manually creating a CSV file and requires no coding. Example "code." dynamic, which has a library that you can use similarly to static or to display dynamic data. Example code. I believe I've documented it pretty well in the README, but if there are any questions about how to use it I am glad to help. Some example applications: - "define" command that doesn't have to open the Dictionary - Synonym/Antonym retriever - Contact lookup without opening Contacts - Any sort of general reference (e.g. recipes or brewing instructions) Here is the github page: http://bit.ly/alfred-arf
  3. Thanks! I've been getting really into it. Right now it's at the point where it's easy to make a reference workflow with static data like this one just by changing the contents of a delimited file, and I'm working on a library that makes it possible to display dynamically generated data in this manner. I'll give it it's own post once I'm further along.
  4. Thank you! I hadn't seriously thought about adding forecast info before, mostly because David's Weather Workflow has that covered. From what I looked at regarding the NOAA's detailed forecast info it doesn't look like there is a way to get the forecast for a specific station code (unless you get the latitude and longitude of the station). Of course, if anyone else would like to add forecasts and pull request, via NOAA's service or some other means, I'd love to check it out. Pumped to see a Portlander on here. I'm at college now but I grew up in the area.
  5. This is awesome. The only thing I don't like it how the default extension is .txt , as I sometimes make files with no extension.
  6. Sorry about the ridiculous bump, but seeing as this hasn't been answered yet and I've just created a workflow that fulfills this requirement, here's the link: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/4319-current-conditions-workflow-retrieve-from-national-weather-service/ .
  7. I got an error when posting a new workflow on the bundle id, but my workflow posted regardless. The bundle id was com.danieljchen.8ball . It said it was an invalid entry.
  8. Also, if you're interested in how this workflow is set up (being able to pull up data (e.g. steep time, temp) on a result (a certain tea in the search) without leaving Alfred), I am currently developing the "Alfred Reference Framework" which makes it easy to set up a workflow similar to this. The github page is here.
  9. Hi guys, I made a workflow that serves as a searchable tea reference, with type, quantity, temperature and time, as well as ability to look at others within a teas type and start a timer. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like to pull up a tea: Don't be frightened by the ridiculous query, to get there, it's just as simple as: 1) Pulling up the Tea Master using "tea" 2) Going to either a category or search (in this case a search on "ch") 3) Pressing the tea you want to pull up information for (bringing you back to the first photo). -------------------------------- The github page is here. If you have any additions (e.g. more teas!!) please pull request. Download the workflow here. Star and/or comment below if you find it useful. Would love to get some feedback.
  10. Hi guys, I made a workflow that retrieves the current conditions using National Weather Service stations. US only, sorry. The station codes can be found here, but generally the three-letter code of your nearest airport preceded by a "K" will work (e.g. KJFK, KSFO, KBOS, KPDX, KPHL). Let me know if this turns out not to be the case. You can set a certain station as default so you don't have to look it up once you've found one that you like. Serves a similar purpose to David's Weather Workflow, but rather than providing a forecast it gives you the most up-to-date information with additional details like humidity, wind, pressure, dew point, and visibility. 64-bit only. There's a C binary that I can't disclose the source code for, since it was for a class I'm currently taking. Here's the Github page. Here's just the workflow. If you end up using it and find it helpful please star it on Github or let me know below. I'd love to get some feedback.
  11. This simple workflow just simulates a Magic 8 Ball. It has 20 different responses, the same as those of it's physical counterpart. 10 of them are positive, 5 are "ask again" responses, and 5 are negative responses. To use it, just type in "8ball" and press enter. You could also type a question to it as a parameter as well, if you'd like. The github page. Just the .alfredworkflow file (immediate download).
  12. Yikes, sorry guys. I forgot to add in a condition to check for the temporary data folder. It should work now, please let me know if there are any more issues.
  13. Hi guys, I made a workflow that checks to see if a specified website is online or offline. It uses the website "isup.me". The default trigger is "isd <URL>" Here's the github page: https://github.com/cheniel/Alfred-Site-Checker If you're just looking for the good stuff (immediate download): http://bit.ly/1evjqSu It's my first workflow, would definitely appreciate any comments or suggestions. Edit 4/10/14: fixed missing temporary folder bug.
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