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Shared Drive Network Path - OS X to Windows

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There was a post from a while back that worked for me until a few months ago. We had a new shared drive installed and the old Alfred workflow doesn't work anymore.


This was the old code:


path = "{query}"
unc = ""
if (path.start_with?('smb:'))
# smb://NetworkDrive.corp.YYYY.com/Files/Folder/Folder
parts = path.split('//') # ["smb:", "NetworkDrive.corp.YYYY.com/Files/Folder/Folder"]
path_parts = parts[1].split('/') # ["NetworkDrive.corp.YYYY.com", "Files", "Folder", "Folder"]
server_parts = path_parts[0].split('.')         # ["NetworkDrive", "corp", "YYYY", "com"]
unc = "\\\\#{server_parts[0]}\\#{path_parts[1..-1].join('\\')}"
# afp://NetworkDrive/Folder/Folder/
parts = path.split('//') # ["afp:", "NetworkDrive/Folder/Folder"]
path_parts = parts[1].split('/') # ["NetworkDrive", "Files", "Folder", "Folder"]
unc = "\\\\#{path_parts.join('\\')}"
puts unc
The above old code gives something like this:

What I now need is something that turns an OS X smb file path into the following:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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