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Best way to do foreach loop?

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Here's what I'm wanting to do:


1. I'm going to manually edit a names.txt file (probably stored in dropbox) and each line will be an alphanumeric string


2. For each line in the names.txt I want to open a specific url (in safari or chrome) using the line in the text file as the query. eg: http://who.is/whois/{query}.com where query is the current line in my text file.


3. Repeat for each entry in names.txt.


How best to do this? I'm okay with bash/ksh scripts if that helps things.


Additionally, is there any way to capture the text contents of a webpage to a file so that I can subsequently grep for specific strings?

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OS X has open, which will come in handy, here.

for line in $(cat "names.txt"); do
  open "http://who.is/whois/${line}.com"

Regarding your other question, you can do it via curl. Simply do something like curl http://example.com, and it’ll output the page directly to the terminal (from where you can pipe to grep directly). This is not necessarily a good idea, although It could be fine, depending on your needs.

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