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Ratio Calculator Workflow

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I frequently need to calculate aspect ratios and dimensions when resizing images, so I wrote a ratio calculator plugin for Alfred to make the calculation as efficient as possible.




It works by reading a simplified ratio equation syntax in the form of a b c d where a, bc, and d represent the numerators and denominators in an a/b=c/d ratio equation. Any non-number can be used to represent the missing number.


E.g., 2/4=x/10 would be typed as 2 4 x 10 and Alfred will return 5, ready to be copied to the clipboard.


Installation instructions and source on GitHub


Download Ratio Calculator.alfredworkflow

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  • 4 years later...

Very cool.

I recently started doing more with video and photography. Keeping this in Alfred has helped me tremendously while trying to maintain certain aspect ratios with different pixel numbers.

Thank you, Matthew, for creating this so many years ago — and it still works 💪.

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