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Open URL without browser (for Android AutoRemote)

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Newbie looking to create a workflow that simply passes a URL command (which is received by my Android table running AutoRemote). Question is, how do I send the URL without opening a browser? I'm thinking it's using a POST, curl or something like this...but, I obviously don't know what I'm talking about ;)


Does anyone have an example workflow I can tear apart to figure this out? I'm sure this is so 1st grade level....

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I don't have the app, but by the looks of it, GET is sufficient.


You just need to create your URL and then you can open it with cURL (or the HTTP libraries built into any scripting language).


Instead of using an Open URL action with {query} as the URL, use a Run Script action with "/bin/bash" as the language:

curl -LsS "{query}"

Be sure to set the escaping options correctly (Backquotes, Double Quotes, Backslashes, Dollars).

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