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Lastpass workflow

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Sorry, not working.  If I go search my vault in the lastpass extension in chrome for 'wpengine', I get numerous results.  Neither of these return



  • ./lpsp.sh --query=wpengine
  • ./lpsp.sh | grep wpengine

./lpsp.sh by itself does return many results, but apparently not everything from my vault.  also, would there be anyway to do the login from alfred and not have to do that on the command line?

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Very early days for me but so far I am not worthy op, working exactly as I hoped it would  :)


Only fault I can see is that secure notes appear, but do not work (url should be something like chrome-extension://podjsfosdfpodskfposdopfdspofpa/site.html, instead i'm getting google)


Need to have a closer look at that cli, reckon there's a lot of lp automation barriers that can be overcome with that

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