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  1. @Acidham, thanks for your workflow! I use it quite often. Can you please consider such feature request: to add the keyword which will list results sorted not by number of visits, but by recency - when the url was visited last. I believe it can be handy.
  2. Is it possible to search in several folders in one search? In examples I see that only one folder is provided. I'm not sure that I need it, but asking out of curiosity.
  3. @Mr PennyworthThank you so much! It seems like what I was looking for many times! I'm not sure if it is worth point here, but help with installation notes looks like this now. Probably that was expected, as everything is readable there. But still.
  4. I found this topic via google. So in 2021 on Catalina, sometimes finder invoked by Alfred opens without sidebar and toolbar. Shortcut "control + command + T" (show/hide toolbar) restores sidebar.
  5. Hey @Asor_Da, did you try setting up and using shortcut in bear?
  6. Awesome that this workflow supports case-insensitive search for non-latin keyboard layouts! Thank you!
  7. Hey Guys!:) Could you, please, consider adding the shortcut to cycle through the history of alfred commands forth. I understand that there is only 20 commands in history, but still - I often find myself cycling through them and skipping occasionally the needed result for me, so I have to start for my search once again from the beginning. I'm talking about addition to this feature: https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/quick-tip-view-your-recent-query-history/
  8. Hi there! Is it possible to add file to alfred buffer from finder. Ideally using file actions dialogue.
  9. @Andrew Thanks! I've updated, and I'm already testing it. It seems like it doesn't fall.
  10. And I just made Alfred quit once again using clipboard manager. On the second "load more" it exited
  11. I found this in system.log It seems like it was at the moment that I was writing in this post about. Is it it?
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