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  1. Wow! I was dreaming about that! I have also researched how to collect all the global shortcuts several times already, but I have had no luck. Though, I think I will continue my search. I will let you know if I find the solution.
  2. Wow! That is a pretty cool workflow in my opinion! I really like the interface solution with circles! Is it possible to not show disabled workflows? It seems like it now shows all the shortcuts. Also, in my case `:aalpha` only gives the table with only 4 rows. What do the custom hotkeys mean? Are those shortcuts modified from the defaults?
  3. Hopefully @drgrib still uses bear and alfred and will not let us down:) I didn't use this workflow often, as I mostly write notes, but rarely get back to them. But when I wanted to do it - this workflow worked so nicely! πŸ™
  4. Github user with the nick `harrtho` made a version of this workflow, that works on the latest versions of Macos. https://github.com/harrtho/alfred-homebrew/releases/tag/v5.5
  5. Vitor, thank you for the explanation! I'm sorry for the lack of clearness. I updated the original post and added the desirable sequence as I imagine it:
  6. In my case, I've got to add a universal workflow to trigger the keyword "brew install", and I must create all such universal actions in advance, which can be avoided If there were a requested feature. Also, the way you suggest doesn't allow the use of several items from clipboard history in one query. So If there were a Universal action to add an item from clipboard action to previously typed command in Alfred, this would allow me to achieve what I want.
  7. I want to have results of Bear notes and Chrome bookmarks workflows simultaneously by using the same keyword. Now I add the same keyword to all that workflows. I wonder if there is a better way to trigger other workflows from one keyword and have the combined results in Alfred.
  8. Would you please consider adding the shortcut (for example, `cmd + enter`) to paste the selected item from clipboard history into the end of the previously typed Alfred command? Let me show the example of my workflow where it can be used: 0. So I typed the command "brew install " in Alfred using brew workflow (which surely would be faster to do in terminal, but it serves good for example purposes. ) And then, I want to paste the name of the brew package from clipboard history. (which I copied on some site a few seconds ago and copied some text after). And without such shortcut for accomplishing this, I must: 1. Open clipboard history 2. Choose the needed item 3. Copy it into the clipboard 4. Activate Alfred 5. Hit the right cursor button (as typed on the 0 step command is in Alfred) 6. Paste the value from the clipboard UPD: 20220116 So If I had the feature as I imagine it, my workflow would be: 0. Type "brew install" and remember that I recently copied the package name. 1. Open clipboard history 2. Choose the needed item 3. Use the shortcut to concatenate the previously typed command with the chosen item. 4. Open clipboard again 5. Use the shortcut to concatenate the previously typed command with the chosen item. And so on.
  9. Yes! This is the solution! Thanks a lot!
  10. @Acidham, thanks for your workflow! I use it quite often. Can you please consider such feature request: to add the keyword which will list results sorted not by number of visits, but by recency - when the url was visited last. I believe it can be handy.
  11. Is it possible to search in several folders in one search? In examples I see that only one folder is provided. I'm not sure that I need it, but asking out of curiosity.
  12. @Mr PennyworthThank you so much! It seems like what I was looking for many times! I'm not sure if it is worth point here, but help with installation notes looks like this now. Probably that was expected, as everything is readable there. But still.
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