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  1. Hi there! Is it possible to add file to alfred buffer from finder. Ideally using file actions dialogue.
  2. @Andrew Thanks! I've updated, and I'm already testing it. It seems like it doesn't fall.
  3. And I just made Alfred quit once again using clipboard manager. On the second "load more" it exited
  4. I found this in system.log It seems like it was at the moment that I was writing in this post about. Is it it?
  5. Hello Vero and Andrew! Many times I faced an error using clipboard manager (if I go deeply into results) and using my workflow with file filter. The only thing I do is I use page down (fn + ↓) shortcut to look for next page results. Alfred quits without any notification. After I relaunch it, it works with the same query and page down shortcut without problems. So I don't know how to replicate the problem on your side:( But this problem happens to me twice a month, I think. Or even more often. My current version: Alfred 4.0.8 Build 1135, Friday 17th January 2020
  6. @Acidham, thank you! I'm going to use it a lot!
  7. I wonder - is it possible for the workflow to open found notes in a new window?
  8. Thanks for the workflow! I use it all the time. The only problem for me that the search is case-sensitive when searching for notes in cyrrilic. So words Проблема and проблема - diffrent words. Is there any way to fix this behaviour?
  9. Nope! Now it works!!! Thank you!!! And sorry for absentmindedness
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