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System Controls dialog box

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What's the point of having remote access to System Controls when you still have to be at your computer? When I want to quit all apps or shut down my computer, a dialog box pops up asking me to confirm the action.


It's probably a safety measure or something, but it completely misses the point of remote controls. I thought the remote app was supposed to be used away from my computer not while I'm still at my computer. 

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Alfred Remote is more like a sidekick than a remote in the sense that you're thinking of. It gives you easier access to a lot of things while you're at your computer.


You can make it more of a remote in the sense that you're thinking of, but you need to write workflows that will handle each part of the operation.

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I understand that the remote app is meant to be used when I'm at my machine, but there's definitely use in being able to do things like shut down my machine when I'm away from my desk. If I'm in a meeting at the end of the working day, for example, it would be nice if I could shut down my machine from the remote so when I get back to my desk it's ready to just pick up and put in my bag. To achieve this, it would be great if we could either:


1. Have a preference to skip confirmation messages when the action is triggered by the remote app, or

2. Show any confirmations on the remote app itself.


If there's a worry about someone getting hold of my phone and triggering actions that I don't want, the app could (optionally) be protected with a passcode / TouchID, similar to Evernote. (I'd argue that's worth doing anyway.)


I'd be interested in any workflows that achieve the same objective if anyone is able to share one / point me in the right direction to create one?


If the app can't do useful things while I'm away from my machine it's hard to see the point of it. Why reach for my phone when I can just hit command-space on the keyboard my fingers are already on and do it that way? To be honest, being able to lock / shut down my machine when away from my desk was the main reason I bought the iPhone app.

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