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Bug with Direct Connect

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I discovered what I believe to be a bug with Direct connect.  I had my Alfred Remote setup and working correctly with Bonjour.  I decide to add port forwarding on my FW and have a direct connection when I was not at home.  After adding the direct connection things worked fined until I tried to go back and figure out how to make my Bonjour connection the default.  I could not find a way to choose between the Bonjour and Direct connect in Alfred Remote.  I removed my iphone and now I cannot connect either way and cannot find a way to remove the Direct Connect assignment from Alfred Remote.  It keeps failing saying i am unauthorized and will not find my MAC. 

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I was able to finally fix things by rebooting both my MAC and iPhone and then removing Alfred Remote and re-adding it to my iPhone.  I am will not add the direct connect back again right now until I know how to manage more than one connection since the Direct connect seems to break the Bonjour connection.  

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