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Open a URL (with different queries) with a hotkey

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On a page that I'm viewing, there's a specific URL that needs to be opened in a new incognito window. The main URL structure is the same, opening a dedicated admin portal, but the query at the end of the URL is always different, depending on the organization I'm working with. For example: 

I can't for the life of me figure how to automate the opening of said URL. I'm only able to see the ID when mousing-over the link I need to open. I usually just right-click the link, then select the Open in new incognito window option via Chrome. I'd like to automate this if possible with a hotkey. I'm thinking that I'd need to have Alfred focus on that specific link, then open, though I'm not quite sure. Any suggestions or ideas would be most appreciated! 



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The reason you can't figure it out is because it's almost impossible to do in the way you're thinking. There's absolutely no way for Alfred to look directly into browser tab. Pretty much the only thing a browser will tell an external program is the URL and titles of its tabs.
If you need to work with the contents of browser windows, what you need is a userscript or browser extension. Probably this one.

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