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Passphrase problem.. [Resolved]

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Hey ! I just bought the Alfred iPhone App.


I click on my iMac to connect the remote but at the "passphrase" moment I can't see it the code.


There's everything ( Cancel / Passphrase title / "Connecting to iMac", etc. ) but not the number, only purple at this place.


Someone can help me ? Thanks in advance. Have a great day ! :)


PS : I tried the "direct" connection too, same problem.

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If remote gets stuck at the "Connecting to iMac" part of the passphrase, then Alfred Remote is trying to make a connection to the iMac and not succeeding.


Did you answer "Yes" on your Mac when it asked the question if Alfred Remote Server was allowed incoming connections? You can check under OS X's Security & Privacy > Firewall settings.


Do you have any other software on your Mac which may prevent a connection such as Little Snitch?




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