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Hook into paste functionality like clipboard history

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Hey all,


Curious if there's any way to take content from something like a script filter and run it into another application as text.


I'm imagining a case where I want to search for a particular thing on a webpage, the webpage outputs results, the results are all easily formatted by a script filter and the results are shown to Alfred and a user can act on those. Executing Alfred on the results would ideally then fill the text into an open text area, just like the clipboard history window does (or snippets).


I suppose this could be done with an Applescript but a more official supported workflow feature would be pretty awesome.




Edit: appears I can use the Copy to Clipboard and paste to front most app for some of this. How about an option to not add to the clipboard then? I'm kind of trying to recreate snippets but make them smart and sharable amongst a team of people. The website and search results would be an internal site, parse the data, and then paste the snippet into the front most app, effectively creating a searchable snippet database. 

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