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Loading a slider control within Alfred

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I'm not sure where to start with this and was hoping for some advice. I'd like to be able to quickly display (and then dismiss) a slider that can be adjusted through scrolling which adjusts something like display brightness. The volume adjustment slider in the menu bar on a mac has the behavior I'm looking to simulate.


I'd rather stick it into a workflow rather than code a separate app since Alfred is always open. The only thing close to this I've noticed is that the Packal Updater workflow somehow loads a window running php. 


If anyone has an idea on where I could start I'd appreciate it.

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The Packal Updater window you're talking about is based on a self-contained web application that starts its own webserver. It's started via Alfred, but is otherwise entirely independent of it.
There are several apps (Pashua, CocoaDialog, Platypus) that allow you to give your scripts a simple GUI, but none of them has a slider widget AFAIK.
Python includes a slider widget that's very easy to use. It doesn't respond to scrolling out of the box, however.

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Yup. If you run the lines of code at the top of the page I linked to, a window with 2 sliders will appear. It doesn't do anything though.


As far as GUIs for scripting languages like Python, Ruby, PHP etc. go, it also loads very quickly (it's a very small library).

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