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LyricWiki Lookup Workflow

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I realize there are other Lyric Lookup workflows, but I wanted one that jumped directly to the lyrics page, assuming that song was tagged properly. So, I used LyricWiki’s format of artist:song name to at first make one where I type that in, but then decided to make an applescript to autofill that. It’s an early rev, but hitting ^L will lookup the lyrics to the currently playing song. If no song is playing, then it will lookup the lyrics for the selected song. shift-^L will also lookup lyrics for the selected song. It’s rough and very raw and could probably be done better, but assuming your artist:song name matches, you can look it up. I also pastes that format to the clipboard in case the song name doesn’t match exactly, then you can type “lyrics” and paste them in to edit it. It works pretty well so far, I only wish I could scrape the class “lyricbox” to copy the lyrics and open iTunes lyric tab to allow me to paste them in, but perhaps in another rev? It is available here:




Sorry for the roughness of this, and I am too new to this forum to figure out how to upload? (such a noob here) I’ll have to look into that later, but for now I’ll just share it the only way I know how vs. holding it up cause I’ve already added lyrics to about 100 tracks since I made this a few days ago in a lot less  time than it usually takes!

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