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Help adding 2 search engines

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Hi everyone,


I need some help figuring out how to have Alfred search 4 academic data bases based on text i've highlighted. Usually, when I'm reading a research article I like up an author or a referenced article/book. Sometimes I have to go through several search engines one by one until I find the paper. I was able to figure out how to do google scholar and jstor based on some previously released workflows (using hotkeys and open url)... but have no idea how to do these 2 following serch engines.




Does anyone have an idea of how to figure out the search syntax? For example for google scholar it's  



 I'd appreciate the help. I know enough to realize that my highlighted text gets replaced in the "query" section of the syntax... but that's as far as my knowledge of this stuff goes. I'd appreciate the help and plan to share the final workflow.

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You likely can’t. Not easily, anyway. It seems like those websites require authentication to search through, so you’ll need to take that into account. Perhaps they have an API (you can ask them about it), or perhaps you’ll need to automate logging in and searching. Either way, without a login to enter and poke around, we likely won’t be able to help you find a proper solution.

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Ahh yeah, I was worried about that. I usually access those links on campus (since I live in family student housing) so it automatically logs me in. I doubt they'd share any information freely.

When you click on those links, you does it even let you search?


thanks for pointing that out




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