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ClipboardHistory Hotkey

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This is a little "Hotkey-Only" Workflow.

You can add more hotkeys if you need, I just need 1 to 2 hotkeys.


This workflow allows you to paste the previous clipboards immediately, without opening Alfred.

When you copy two things you can paste the last clipboard with CMD + V and the previous clipboard with e.g. CMD + Option + V and the previous with CMD + Option + Ctrl + V.


After pasting the previous clipboard the order will be changed, so when you paste the previous two times you paste two different things (cause the previous becomes the last one and the last one becomes the previous one, pretty hard to explain and understand, just try it :D).


You can skip as many clipboards as you want (you could add the 9th clipboard with e.g. Option + 9).


--- link removed, new link in the third post (with explanations) ---


ps: you have to add the hotkeys after installing this workflow




edit: sorry for the hyphens in the name, forgot them, please rename if you don't want it at the top of your workflows (all my hotkey workflows are on the top with hyphens)

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Hi Silva,
I moved some of my selfmade workflows to Github (also for versioned backupping), maybe you find something interesting: https://github.com/FirePanther/MyAlfredWorkflows
(sorry for the dirty code, there are many old, lazy codes)
I also extended the clipboard script a little bit.
I exported the current version here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8a5wi63nok5tmz6/-%20Clipboard%20Hotkeys%20-.alfredworkflow?dl=1
If you want to use the four alternative clipboards (F1 - F4), you have to edit the both lower php scripts in alfred and set the location (first line, should be the same on both scripts).
If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad with ssh, you can uncomment the appropriate line to send the clipboard to your iDevice (it's not perfect, special chars -.-). You need an ssh key for that. 

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