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Hey guys!


I recently did some digging and found an awesome applescript, that allows you to reboot your computer to your boot camp volume for the next boot only. So I decided to make a workflow out of it to streamline the process.


Here is the workflow: http://d.pr/f/F0CD




1) Edit the applescript, see where is says "PUT NAME OF BOOTCAMP VOLUME HERE", do as it says, and put the volume name there. Make sure to have the exact name of the volume, spaces or no spaces, must be exact name!

  • If you don't know the name of your bootcamp volume you can find it here: Open finder > hit Shift+Cmd+G > in the text field copy and paste this: /Volumes Once in the folder it should be the drive that isn't named "Macintosh HD"

2) I have my keyword to "windows" but you can set it to whatever works best for you.




When you run the workflow, your computer will restart, before it does restart it will ask you for your admin password. Make sure you have all documents saved!

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