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    Thanks, I love that cloudy theme
  2. This workflow is probably only of interest of those living in Oslo and Oslo and Akershus (Norway). It might serve as a basis for developing similar workflows in other cities/countries. The workflow allows you to manage your public transport trips in Oslo and Akershus (Norway). Now you can easily browse trips and plan when to leave your apartment directly from Alfred. You can find the workflow on GitHub
  3. Hey Julien! Adding ~ really means /Users/YourUserName/dev/rdisk1s1 And, for doing that you need to add sudo. Try this: sudo open -a /Applications/TrueCrypt.app/Contents/MacOS/TrueCrypt /dev/rdisk1s1 For others: I have updated «Mount Volume» to be more dynamic. Now you can write tcmount nameToFile, and then mount it. Happy mounting! Update: I have merged both workflows into one. See github for details
  4. Hi, thanks for a great workflow. Maybe a bug: If I try to resume a virtual machine when parallels is not running, it seems like the machine is resumed, but not shown until I start parallels. Is it ment to be this way?
  5. Here are two workflows that I hope will be useful: «Mount volume» must be configured with the right path to volume. «Dismount all truecrypt volumes» dismounts everything and close Truecrypt. They can be found here: https://github.com/kimsyversen/Alfred-workflows
  6. In some cases, some apps require to be restarted. It would be awesome if a feature for this was added. I just installed package control to sublimetext, and after install it requires sublimetext to be restarted. Could not find any feature for this (corret me if im wrong). One way that may be neat, is to expand the «restart» keyword so you can exit and reopen applications with «restart "app"», and reboot the computer with just «restart».
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