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Yes it is. You can just use osascript from the command line:

osascript -e "activate application \"Pages\"" -e "delay 1" -e "tell application \"System Events\" to keystroke \"n\" using command down" 

That script will open Pages, wait one second, and then send the keystrokes. You can change out "Pages" with the other app names, but make sure that you get them perfect because AppleScript is sensitive. You can remove the delay, but then keystrokes might be sent before the application is open.

Edited by Shawn Rice
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Tidied up a little bit:

osascript -e 'activate application "Pages"' -e "delay 1" -e 'tell application "System Events" to keystroke "n" using command down'
Also, you might need to increase the delay for the case that Pages isn't running and your computer is as slow as mine. Edited by deanishe
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