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Shortcut into snippet editor

Alex Miller

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Hi there,

 I'm a long time powerpack user, and honestly there's only one reason I bought the powerpack - for the clipboard and snippets.  I use them heavily, but I'm very dissatisfied that it takes two keyboard shortcuts PLUS four clicks just to add a snippet.  If i could get a keyboard shortcut into this view, i would be adding a lot more snippets.  


It seems to me, as the king of keyboard shorts, Alfred should eat it's own dogfood and add keyboard shortcuts into every view in it's own preferences, but it's particularly glaring that they don't have shortcuts into the place where you define shortcuts.


Thank you,


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Yeah guys! me also considering about that matter. What about make workflow or shortcut which can simply bring you to AlfredPref > Features >Clipboard > Snippets > " + "
As for me, this functions should be one of default, because it really essential. If somebody has opportunity to explain me to unexperienced workflow maker how should i do that, i'd be glad learn and make the script by myself.  Or maybe some guru can do that for 2 strokes of code. If someone have any ideas about this matter, please post it here.  ;)

Best wishes.


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