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I would like to see a possibility to change Large Type to a layout with two (or more) columns.


If you have a long text, the font size is quite small. It does not take a lot of words and the font size is to small to read. The effect is even bigger, if you use formatted text, like poems or lyrics. But there is a lot of space besides the text that is not used.


Just add to the Large Type visualisation dropdown the two options:


Fill the Screen (2 columns)

Fill the Screen (3 columns)


Or even better, the layout will switch automatically to a column layout, when the font size ist smaller than x.





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I sort of second this. Honestly though, I'd love to see a simple fix that would make it vastly more useful for the intended use case (a sentence or two): when in full-screen mode, just have larger left & right margins (maybe scaled inversely by text size). that would make so much easier to read on 15" or larger screens.

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