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Suggestion on handling modifiers (command, option, etc...)


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I think others have also made similar suggestions, and this would be extremely helpful.


It would be idea to be able to a) have multiple connections between a trigger and an action, so that you could connect the trigger and action with both a "regular" connection, as well as connections that are used when different modifiers (ctrl, cmd, opt, shift) are held down.


This would primarily be of benefit when using a script action, in which case the script should have a mechanism for detecting whether a modifier was held down at the time of the selection or not. (It might even be useful to have multiple modifier keys allowed, so you could cmd-option a action, for example.


It would also be useful to be able to change the arg value when a modifier is held down, just as subtext can be changed, using a script filter, e.g.:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
          <item uid="UID" valid="yes">
                 <title>First item in script filter output</title>
                <subtitle>Unmodified subtitle</subtitle>
                <arg>Argument for unmodified selection</arg>
                <subtitle mod="cmd">Subtitle when cmd is held down</subtitle>
                <arg mod="cmd">Different arg can be used when cmd is held down</arg>
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