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Jumpshare: a file sharing solution

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Some file sharing services like CloudApp or Droplr have hard restrictions on their free plans like tiny file size limits or mandatory expiration time. These limitations made me migrate to Jumpshare, a powerful file sharing service with a generous free plan that includes:

  • 2GB total free space, 250MB max filesize, no auto-self-destructing files;
  • Supports multiple files and folder uploads;
  • Preview over 200 file formats online without installing any software;
  • Real-time sharing: recipients can see upload progress; once uploading finishes, they can view the file right away;
  • Share via email directly from the app (with advanced options);
  • Expire links after x number of days, views or downloads;
  • Disable download so recipient can only preview the files;
  • Powerful In-depth Analytics dashboard;
  • Track shared files;
  • Collections and nested folders;
  • Jumpshare Inbox (allow anyone to send you files without signing up for an account).

Before moving to Jumpshare I used to use the nice CloudApp workflow by Carlos-Sz, so after the migration I created the following workflow which works in a similar manner.







Upload files and folders to Jumpshare.



  • Jumpshare installed
  • OS X 10.9 or later
  • 64-bit processor




Jumpshare workflow can be used by the following actions:

  • Enter the keyword jmp without any argument to upload the selected items.
  • Enter the keyword jmp with some argument to rename and upload the selected items.
  • Select one or more items in Alfred and enter the file action Upload to Jumpshare.
  • Select one or more items in Finder and enter a custom hotkey to upload them.




This workflow is partly based on CloudApp Workflow by Carlos-Sz and uses qWorkflow Library by Ursan Razvan.


Download from Packal

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