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  1. Hey @RodgerWW, I'm working on an update to the workflow for supporting Apple M1 Chip but I need an icon. Where did you get the icons for the graphics? Did you find it somewhere in the system?
  2. It looks great! Thanks a lot, man!
  3. I don't need CN and have no idea how much work it would get for all of them. USD-M Futures is what I'm working on at the moment so it would be fine. Btw is the fine-tuning something I could make by myself after you create the docset? Is there a file that I could edit to improve the sections of the docs and make it better for the search on Dash?
  4. Yes, I would like! I'm working with that API at the moment. Also, I would appreciate if you could ELI5 (step by step) how I can use the builder to generate docsets and fine tuning after that. Do I need to know PHP for it?
  5. The User Manual is useful, but not as useful as the Language Reference Manual. I don't want to waste your time. I asked that assuming your builder could make it easy. Thanks anyway! Yesterday I managed to create my first docset from a Sphinx based doc using doc2dash. It's great! Btw, do you know some tool that could be used to convert this documentation in a dash docset?
  6. Hey, I suggest you to use OneUpdater to add auto-update capability to Alfred Kat. It's very easy to implement.
  7. Thanks!!! I think only for different posts.
  8. I would love to create my own docsets but I don't have a clue on PHP and can barely understand the README of the builder's repo. 😞 It seems to be.
  9. You are not lazy if you use your dash docset builder to make this requested docset . 😃
  10. The latest version of the workflow is working for me on Catalina.
  11. What happened to your Word to PDF converter?

    1. xilopaint


      It was no longer maintained so I deleted it.

  12. Hey guys, I just created a workflow for keeping track of COVID-19 statistics. Stay safe! https://github.com/xilopaint/alfred-covid-19-radar
  13. If I keep `from workflow import Workflow` in background.py I get this: 21:25:53 workflow.py:2061 DEBUG ---------- Alfred PDF Tools (2.16.0) ---------- 21:25:53 workflow.py:1468 DEBUG reading settings from /Users/****/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/com.xilopaint.alfredapp.pdftools/settings.json 21:25:53 workflow.py:2338 INFO checking for update ... 21:25:53 background.py:233 DEBUG [__workflow_update_check] command cached: /Users/****/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Data/com.xilopaint.alfredapp.pdftools/__workflow_update_check.argcache 21:
  14. Hey @deanishe, after fixing a lot of issues in the attempt of adapting the library for Python 3 I came across this: 10:01:18 workflow.py:2061 DEBUG ---------- Alfred PDF Tools (2.16.0) ---------- 10:01:18 workflow.py:1468 DEBUG reading settings from /Users/xxxx/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Workflow Data/com.xilopaint.alfredapp.pdftools/settings.json 10:01:18 workflow.py:2338 INFO checking for update ... 10:01:18 background.py:233 DEBUG [__workflow_update_check] command cached: /Users/xxxx/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Data/com.xilopaint.alf
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