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  1. I don't know anything about PHP but I would bet the issue is related to the following line: preg_match("/^imdb\$.*?\((.*?)\)$/ms", $jsonp, $matches);
  2. You can download it on the releases page.
  3. Have you ever tried this workflow?
  4. I refuse to install any Node-based workflow for the sole reason they are not installed in the default workflow's installation folder.
  5. I will look into implementing such feature. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. The bug has nothing to do with Alfred's version. I reported it before Alfred 3 release four years ago. Anyway I already created a simple workflow after my last post that I should release in a day or two.
  7. It's a major bug that was firstly reported by me on this post: I would like to use this workflow but this scary bug keeps me from relying on it. It would be nice if @CarlosNZ could take a look into it.
  8. Hey @targumanu, do you mind to also fix the paths on your Mac App Store Search workflow?
  9. From what I remember you were using ~/Library/Caches/iBooksSearch on v1.0.
  10. Let's say I set a 1h lifetime to the cache. During this time all queries and results are cached. Each time a query is repeated the results are retrieved from cache. After the expiration, the cache is cleared and the process should be repeated. It turns out I'm pretty sure this is not the best way, so this thread.
  11. Hey folks, what's the best way to cache search results while querying a web API? Should I cache results for each user query after the cache expiration or there's a better way? @deanishe @vitor
  12. It's a simple issue. This workflow creates data and cache folders at wrong locations for Alfred 3 users. You can solve the issue by using Script Environment Variables for both folders.
  13. Is this workflow still maintained?
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