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  1. I'm having issues with Google engines and Amazon. Wikipédia and DuckDuckGo are ok.
  2. Hey @deanishe, just here to say thank you for the great enhancements in the last Searchio! 2.0 pre-release! The info.plist rewriting mechanism works like magic!
  3. AppleScript vs. JXA

    But deanishe talked about "the actual API for talking to applications".
  4. AppleScript vs. JXA

    What do you mean with "almost never documented"? I thought JXA had a dictionary similarly to AppleScript.
  5. AppleScript vs. JXA

    I am thinking about to learn JXA and rewriting my Things workflow, originally written in AppleScript, maybe is a good opportunity. How do you guys see JXA compared to AS? Should I expect some gain in performance? Is there any workflow library for JXA? Maybe rewriting my workflow would not worth the effort if there isn't any workflow library for Alfred feedback generation in XML or JSON.
  6. Update (v1.4.2) Added new icons for projects and to dos.
  7. VM Control

    Not working for me with VirtualBox 5.2. Nothing relevant in debug console. EDIT: nevermind, now I see there's an open issue in GitHub.
  8. Can you confirm if is there any workflow feature not working with Things 2?
  9. Update (v1.4.1) Fixed a bug that caused the wrong list was displayed in Things UI when a to do was actioned in Alfred. Minor code improvements.
  10. Safari History Search workflow

    It's not an issue with Alfred version. High Sierra has introduced some changes on how the history is stored. You can use this workflow for searching Safari history which is HS compatible.
  11. Update (v1.4) Added support for non-English languages.
  12. Update (v1.3.1) Added new areas icon for consistency with Things app. Fixed a bug that could cause conflicts in some actions when multiple to dos in different lists had the same title.
  13. Safari Assistant

    lol@release notes.
  14. Safari Assistant

    Nice workflow. But I'm missing the Steve Jobs glasses. These are more from Bill Gates.
  15. Can't search the Safari browsing history

    Someone released a workflow for it: https://github.com/rx2130/alfred-safari-history-search