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  1. xilopaint

    Yet another date calculator

    You can use the Alfred-Workflow library already embedded to Date Calculator for adding self-updating capabilities to your workflow. Here's how: https://www.deanishe.net/alfred-workflow/api/index.html#id12
  2. Update (v1.6): Adopt JSON format to generate Alfred feedback.
  3. xilopaint

    AppleScript vs. JXA

    And how can you do that without the API made for those three languages?
  4. xilopaint

    AppleScript vs. JXA

    If you could pick only one language to interact with macOS applications what would it be and why?
  5. xilopaint

    AppleScript vs. JXA

    Hey @deanishe and @vitor, sorry for bugging again with this thread but now I see Objective-C has also a dictionary to interact with applications. Would it be a better option than AppleScript and JXA?
  6. A minor issue: DDG's brand is DuckDuckGo and not Duck Duck Go.
  7. I would accept to contribute but I don't believe a few small donations would make any difference to @deanishe's decision of developing a new build.
  8. Not necessary anymore. I just realised that I had to use ⇧ + ⇥ because ⇥ was selected as an action hotkey on Alfred Preferences. Now everything is ok.
  9. Not working for me. Are you sure you committed the changes?
  10. Ok, so could you please update your Reddit workflow fixing the autocomplete issue? ?
  11. Update (v2.15) Added Keyword to change the value of the "suffix" environment variable.
  12. It's ok for me. If you prefer don't making a new release you can share the binary on this thread as well.
  13. Unfortunately I can't do it without any Go knowledge. I tried to build the search.go file with go build search.go and didn't succeed because of some missing packages.I thought about installing the packages on my $GOPATH but I was afraid to screw up everything so I gave up. Hope the new RC will not take long.