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  1. Update (v2.14) Improved syntax for Slice file action to allow the user to omit the second value of a page range in order to indicate that it ends on the last page of the PDF file (eg. "8-").
  2. No, currently there's no such feature in the workflow. The input in your example moves the last page page to the beginning, not the first page to the end. The file actions get user input by keywords objects. Such objects can't be dynamically populated. Your suggestion is a work for script filters, but I'm not yet convinced that the additional information would worth it. The page count information in particular can be handled by the syntax in a more straightforward manner. Blank as the end of the document is a well known syntax for page ranges. It will be implemented soon.
  3. xilopaint

    Word to PDF Converter

    I'm currently using the latest version of Office with no access to Word 2011, so no chance to implement the feature. Sorry.
  4. Hi @Jasondm007! Thank you for the feedback. I'm a bit busy for the next few days but I'll look into your suggestions once I have some free time.
  5. xilopaint

    Packal Updater

    According a comment by @Vero on Reddit there are plans for an official alternative on the road map.
  6. Update (v1.5.1): Fixed typo in Mark as Completed action.
  7. Hey @tamvodopad, your issue should be fixed on the latest release.
  8. Update (v1.5): Added ability to show to-dos in projects using the ⇧ modifier key. Fixed multiple issues for non-English locale.
  9. Did it worked for you before or you've just tried the workflow for the first time?
  10. xilopaint

    Google Drive

    Yes, sure. Sorry for the typo.
  11. xilopaint

    Google Drive

    So why is the best practice?
  12. xilopaint

    Google Drive

    I have poor knowledge on OAuth but found this in an article :
  13. xilopaint

    17Track (a package tracking workflow)

    Nothing relevant there. The code was catching the true error, so I made some changes to find the issue: This led me to search for the API information on 17Track website: Nothing we can do. The workflow is dead.
  14. xilopaint

    17Track (a package tracking workflow)

    Post here the output of Alfred Debugger.
  15. xilopaint

    17Track (a package tracking workflow)

    This workflow has a broken version of Alfred-Workflow library. Did you follow the instructions to fix it?