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defining your own autocompletion list for script

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Hello guys,

first of all I apologize for probably newbie questions, but I started using Alfred recently.

I don't expect you to do everything for me, but I need some advice and maybe some links to understand how to achieve what I want.

So here is my idea. There is this web-application where in url there is id for each specific page I want to go: http://blablabla/index.php?id=123

I am going to write a Python script that will go through all interesting pages for me and will generate something like CSV file with title, id pair for each page.

This part is clear for me, as I know Python quite well.

Now, in alfred when I type:


I want to get sphinx search through all titles from this CSV, and when I hit enter, I want to go the page with corresponding id in URL.

Is it possible to that? And if yes, could you provide me some advice or point to the correct section of documentation?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Currently I don't have Powerpack, but it is not a problem to get it if I am sure that it is possible to achieve what I want in Alfred.

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