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‘Airplay via Beamer’ workflow

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I just published an updated, workflow version of my Alfred v1 extension, Airplay via Beamer: randomerrata.com/post/45353268246/airplay-via-beamer-v2


This workflow implements a file action that you can use to Airplay video through Beamer.app (Obviously you'll need to have Beamer installed).


And in case you don't know what Beamer is, here's the description from the Beamer homepage:


The AirPlay Video Player for Mac

Watch any movie file on your Apple TV without hassle. No need to convert the video or jailbreak your Apple TV. Just open the movie with Beamer and you’re done; the video will start streaming to your Apple TV right away.


This GIF screencast is from the Alfred v1 extension, but the idea remains the same:



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