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Support for optional prefix to trigger workflow (keywords)


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Currently, the results of Alfred combines Applications and Workflow in the same result list. There are many times which the workflow keywords are similar to Application names, and they become overshadowed in the long list of results.


Some workflow tries to escape this by defining their keyword as e.g. ",b" to search Chrome bookmarks. Without using the "," just using b as the keyword, the workflow result probably won't appear in the top 9.


It will be great to borrow this idea. Have Alfred to have an option to optionally define a keyword to trigger for all workflow keywords, just like "find" to search for file. This will make it much easier for users to search for the workflow they are trying to trigger, and workflow authors won't have to think of words that do not clash with commonly used Application names.

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In frankness, I don’t see this as an issue. If you don’t like a keyword, you can change it and Alfred will remember your change even if you update the workflow.

Keywords are picked by the authors, yes, but the ultimate control is on your side. Think of it, what’s the first thing Alfred does when you install a workflow? It shows it to you, where you can evaluate it and customise it for your needs.

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The issue is to achieve the filtering to show only workflow results, the user has to change it for EVERY single workflow action that's downloaded, and there isn't any other less manual way to filter for only workflow actions.


Isn't using Alfred all about being more productive, wasting less time in doing repetitive stuff? 


Adding the support for optional prefix allows users who wants to only look at workflow actions to see it easily, and for those who doesn't care, can stick to the current default behaviour.

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