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I want to see FileName.tex when I type FileName in the Alfred window. In Features > Default Results > Advanced, I have dropped a file with a .tex extension. Alfred still does not propose FileName.tex when I type FileName



If you press the spacebar before typing the name of your file, you'll be using Alfred's File Search and should see the files you're looking for in the results. This is a better way to search for files, without cluttering your default results.


Alternatively, if you often need to search for .tex files, you could create a file filter. Here's how I've created one for folders:



Let me know if you need any further help :)




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Thanks! I started a new workflow. The workflow works for all the types I specified except for .tex files. When dragging a .tex file in the File Types window of this workflow, I obtain a new line "org.tug.tex     TeX text file", but it does not seem to pick up any .tex files.  I also tried to add the type .tex manually in the File Types Windows to no avail. It seems there is something wrong with .tex files in particular. Any idea?

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I got it. The correct uniform type identifier for a tex file is public.tex (this is given by the kMDItemContentTypeTree key when running the command "mdls file.tex"). It is *not* "org.tug.tex", which is returned by Alfred when dragging a .tex file in the File Types window. It seems like this error should be corrected.

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