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custom keyword to start a file navigation in a specific folder

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Alfred is THE absolute amazing app. i'm loving it so much and i use it every day. One of my favorite feature is the file-navigation. I have mounted many samba shares under /Volumes/ and so i navigate through our whole network with typing "/Volumes" and selecting the mount-folders. But the process could even be a little bit more efficient. Instead of Typing "/Volumes" followed by the share of my mount, i want to type "shareX/" and navigate inside the share. So i want to create a custom keyword for the file navigation that points to a specific start folder.


Beside this, it would be also awesome, if i could change the start-folder for "/". Im always in "/Volumes", so i dont need to navigate to another folder.


Maybe there is a solution for this in alfred?





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What you could do is assign a keyword or a hotkey to run a script that calls Alfred to open the correct directory.

For example, you create a Hotkey, say ⌘⌥⇧+/, and connect it to a Run Script Action. Set language to /usr/bin/osascript (AS) and enter the following:

tell application "Alfred 2" to search "/Volumes"
Now when you hit ⌘⌥⇧+/, Alfred will open in file browse mode at the /Volumes/ directory. Edited by deanishe
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