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Dropbox public link issue

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Hey everyone! I'm trying to get this workflow to work and it doesn't seem to be connecting to my dropbox properly. Is there something in the script that I need to change for my personal dropbox account?
I'm also trying to get it so that when I've selected a gif file, it not only copies the public dropbox url and copies it to the clipboard, but also just pastes it into the current cursor selection when alfred was prompted. Very similar to  Tyler Eich's Colors workflow.
Can anyone give me a little nudge in the right direction here? I'm very new to programming, still learning js basically so no matter how much documentation i dig through it's all still way over my head. 
Here's the current script:

gif_path=`dirname {query}`
gif_folder=$( printf "%s\n" "$(basename "${gif_path}")" | sed 's/ /%20/g' )
echo -ne ${dropbox_url}${gif_folder}/$(basename {query}) | pbcopy
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