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Schedule activate / deactivate

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Good evening,

I liked to have a feature suggestion ...

I think it would be good to implement activation / deactivation schedule with a day of the week / hours.

For example: My wife leaves home at 09:00 and if I do not activate the alarm, it is always off ... to the schedule, he would turn on automatically.


Real example: Monday (on motion sensor 09:00 / off motion sensor 15:00)


It was a great idea ... I think I :)

Thank you.

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Howdy, Folks!


I think I might go along with this a smidgen, insofar as it might be splendid if workflows had the option to be triggered in a cron fashion.  


Perhaps if there were an alarm clock item in the "Trigger" menu of the workflow editor.  For best happy action, it would be capable of setting in a recurring pattern.


I suppose that does make a bit of an annoying need to create a view displaying all scheduled clock triggers in active workflows and a "show in workflow" action for each item in the list.





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Unfortunately, the whole idea of scheduling is contrary to the core principles of Alfred.
One of Alfred's most fundamental principles is doing as little as possible when it's not active. If you want Alfred to do something, you need to activate it first.
I certainly don't speak for Andrew, but I really don't see him adding a feature like scheduling, especially when OS X has best-in-class scheduling abilities built in with launchd (way more powerful than cron).
If scheduling jobs is what you want to do, familiarise yourself with launchd. In particular, have a look at LaunchControl, which makes creating/editing Launch Agents super easy.

You can, of course, also launch Alfred from launchd.

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