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Duplicate Specific File and Open?

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Can someone please help me create a workflow:


1. Duplicate specific finder file (Pages document - no need to search)

2. Open or reveal the copy of the file


I can't figure this out. Alfred has file filters or opening a specific file but not manipulating specific file.

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Perhaps I am not understanding what you want exactly, but, how does one copy a specific file unless one has already found it?  There is no need to search for a file by navigating menus with Alfred, just by using "SPACE" before your search in Alfred you can search anything.  The script above is just a file action script ... duplicating a file IS a file action.


Can you perhaps be a bit more specific in your exact need?

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All of the scripts assume that I need to find a file before doing something to it. What I need is to tell Alfred to simply duplicate a specific file. I do not need to search for it as it is the same file every time.


Scenario: I need to write a report.


1. Trigger Alfred

2. type: "newreport"

3. Alfred Duplicates my "Report Template" pages document and reveals it in Finder.

4. I give the report a name and open the report.

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