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File Action: Duplicate

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Is there any way, either by configuration or by a workflow, to just do a plain vanilla duplicate on a file in the same location?


Many thanks




It can be done with a workflow, certainly.


Try this one out. It will make a copy of the file named filename-1.ext

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Jeeze this sounds perfect. The link is expired though. Does anyone else know how to duplicate a file as an action?


For example you have a template file I often fill out. And I often forget to make a copy thus messing up the template.


So if I could just: File action -> copy template -> open copy. That would be awesome!


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Ya awesome that duplicate action is really useful! Thanks guys.


Do you know how to make it run on a file? I have a keyword trigger --> the file path appears in "Action in Alfred". --> Then I need the script run on that path?


Is there a way to trigger it on one file from a keyword?


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7 hours ago, Shakti said:

Is there a way to trigger it on one file from a keyword?


Not really. First you need to select a file before you can trigger a File Action.


Normally, you use Alfred's Selection Hotkey (Alfred Preferences > Features > Actions > General) on the files in Finder.

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