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Can't seem to get Comics workflow to work

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q_workflow.scpt was in the same folder as all the other scripts. I just went through every scpt file, doing a search for "Alfred". Most didn't have it at all, but those two did. I changed 2 to 3 and voila, I'm in business!


Yeah like i said before, you have to change every "Alfred 2" to ""Alfred 3" but i couldn't find the q_workflow.scpt that is most important. Readded and there you go :)


I uploaded a version that hopefully works for others here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1enxxqddx1t7w8g/Evernote.alfredworkflow?dl=0

Gonna link to this thread in the other thread.

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Sorry I didn't post this earlier. I'm still working with the new forum member 10 post a day limit and I had to wait for it to reset.


alright, I figured it out. There are two scripts that reference Alfred 2. I just went and looked at each script. There's en_pref.scpt and q_workflow.scpt. I changed it in those, saved 'em, and I'm in business!   It now seems to be working perfectly. I wonder if you're now having issues because you also have Alfred 2 installed. I've only got Alfred 3. Changing those elements in those two scripts seems to have done the trick.  Thanks so much for your help!


Worked perfectly. I think en_pref.scpt for me was already updated to Alfred 3 (never had A2 installed). but i found Alfred 2 mentions in the q_workflow.scpt. Updated it. saved. and Volla..working sweetly..


thanks mate...

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