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  1. I preview items via "Shift". I use that all the times tho, pretty easy and got really used to it.
  2. Quicklook is only a good option if the files you wanna check are not huge as in layouts etc from stations. To see which file you actually search for you have to navigate through all the files when they have similar names to find the right one instead of seeing the one directly and then navigate quicker. My way of dealing with this is usually that i know some unique phrase to the filename and type "*phrase" so that i get the file i want. However i can't do this when i work with structures i haven't seen before or don't know :/
  3. that in combination with app detection would be sick! haven't at it yet as i won't buy a new mac yet ^^
  4. @Andrewthis update does exactly that what i needed! Awesome Andrew! Thank you very much I just tested it via my vpn connection to the server and the freezing is gone
  5. Hello everyone, when I'm using Alfred to navigate files on a Server that have quite loading times and navigating into large files like layouts, Alfred starts to hang. Like it tries to preview the large Layout and doesn't respond for a couple of seconds until i can keep navigating and it hangs at the next file. This way Alfred becomes unusable for me. is there a way to deactivate the small preview in Alfred? That should fix the issue. Kind regards, Marcel Reuß
  6. Seems like its not possible according to this: So for now I'm stuck with launchbar uff
  7. The Alfred "windows" are behind the calculator and another search behind that. It could be that this is on Parallels site mmhh its pretty weird however and aside of this i noticed that Alfred "lags" when it tries to preview big layouts at the side. Like the combination together creates the issue. I have a problem with parallels too however as its not performing the best under sierra....Guess this is then on their side. However there is still the lag times of big layouts, either on my mac or on the server doesn't matter. Is there a way to turn the preview in File Browsing off?
  8. Hello everyone, since I am using Alfred to navigate on a server drive at work, I end up with a glitching Alfred when the preview of a file takes longer to work and I call Alfred again. However this only happens when used "above" Parallels, well for now. This could be due to heavier graphic usage I guess. Here is a screenshot: I have pre set paths for the server to open them, as i cannot get spotlight to index them. Basically what i do is call that path and then there is a file. The little preview on the side is loading and I call Alfred again. This doesn't happen always tho. Cheers, Marcel Reuß
  9. here is a workaround: found here:
  10. Hello everyone, currently I'm bringing my Mac to work and will continue as its a huge pain in the ass to work with windows(idk how everyone can overall). Like productivity especially with Alfred and Keyboard Maestro(which i bought and use heavily cause of you guys) goes beyond anything else. Well i use parallels in coherence mode but that's it and only for office tools. Anyway to the topic. At work we have a Server with a bunch of folders which have strict permissions. I got access there and wanted to index the Folder right away. However i failed miserably. Like i tried things like this here: and this here: Nothing of this seems to work as i don't have access to everything. I couldn't even make a File Filter as that relies on Spotlight. My current "workaround" is to use Launchbar aside of Alfred, because it can index on its own. Is there any way to force spotlight to index a special folder on a server? Or is there a way to feed Alfred with an index or let it make its own :/ Another workaround that i use in combo with Launchbar is, that i use a "List Filter" with all the main paths that then let me open the paths in the file view of Alfred. But yeah i can't filter the way i would like, as that doesn't provide any subfolder search uff. As I'm typing however I see that snippets still have expanding issues :/ as a "don't" becomes a " don't". Well I hope that someone knows a workaround/fix or idk. Launchbar is a way for the moment but I'm only on the test Version asking me to buy it every view actions lol. Buying it just for this meh....<.< >.> Alfred is faster tho and not that heavy resources wise. Cheers everyone, FroZen
  11. I have been using Alfred 3 with the first Public beta for sierra and haven't had any issues. Were you on Alfred 3 before or did you also update from Alfred 2? Gotta have to know some more. What exactly doesn't work, how does it show etc.?
  12. Mine is/was mapped to Capslock. I used karabiner which is currently broken under Sierra. For now I'm using a workaround with Keyboard Maestro tho ^^ When karabiner works again, I will actually move that to another combo as I want to use my Capslock as a hyper key. Let's see
  13. I guess you dont see whats behind the changes, neither know what work it is....Switching back to Alfred 2 only because of a gear is kinda funny, sorry to say. The potential that Alfred has, is pretty huge, but has to be seen and used. Take a look at this thread: Alfred has multiple ways to access prefs atm and you can now like with any other software on a mac use the "Command + ," shortcut.
  14. What workflow did you use before? And what do you mean by invalid? What is the error that is thrown when you run it overall? If you provide the needed information then me or someone else could help you, else it's not easy at all.
  15. Found a bug that made it not work in some occasion and therefore couldn't work with folders. Here you go: Keep in mind that the first filter is set to everything, which can be change to folder only if wanted. This should work