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  1. Could you bring in the option to search on every desktop? Like i cannot search for tabs when chrome is on another desktop. Else its pretty fast!
  2. @Andrew I actually have another issue here when i wanna get this to work with Alfred. I can dispatch a keycombo ⌘ + C to copy the text, but that one cannot be marked as transient. The output copy to clipboard doesn't let me get selected text like the Hotkey function does. Is there any way to get the Dispatch Keycombo mark the clipboard as transient or get the selected text via an action like the Hotkey one? This is my current idea of doing: press a shortcut → dispatch keycombo "⌘+⌥+ ←" → dispatch keycombo "⌘+C" and then Transform and paste. Else ill have to use some applescript i guess. Cheers, Frozen
  3. haven't found a way to use transient marker with keyboard maestro so ill use Alfred exclusively for this Thank you very much for your reply. Cheers, Frozen
  4. Hello everyone, is there a way to delete the last Clipboard entry in Alfred? I'm currently using Keyboard Maestro to select the last word, capitalize it and paste it back. The Problem there is that it manipulates the Alfred clipboard so that i have the entry twice. Like there stands "test" and "Test". I would like to delete those. Cheers, Frozen
  5. Andrew suggested to temporary create one, not permanent. This way you can test if any other application is doing this or if the fault is by Alfred itself I've had other issues and could narrow it down this way. When you know that it works under the new Account as intended then you can check what on your main Account is causing the issue.
  6. Drinking early in the morning isnt my thing either ^^ So not even alcohol was helping there, then it must have been a lot lol I heard of it being pretty crazy there but have never been there so gotta try that one day. I haven't even heard of Killepitsch oO Its probably kinda like Jägermeister but only mixed is that something for me.
  7. Haha, I have a Project in Düdo and therefore I'm often there Sadly I wasn't there on Rosenmontag. Would have loved to see whats going on there. However I live in Fulda now, where they also have a lot of wagons going through the street. Was pretty funny ^^ Have you been there for Rosenmontag?
  8. Hello everyone, i more often browser through folders via Alfred and find myself wanting to press ⌘ + A to select all filtered files like in this case: Just to drag and drop then for instance into a Mail. I know i can use the mail action for that but not when I'm in a Browser or when i want to just Drag and Drop them quick all together and not one by one. Maybe there is already another way idk but this would be awesome to have. Cheers, Frozen
  9. Hello everyone, I'm using the "previous path" shortcut several times a day and always have the same issue. Alfred doesn't remember what i used as a filter before like this: I use 1702 to filter out a certain date. However when i use the "previous path" shortcut i would like to have the option that Alfred remembers that i filtered for "1702". Cheers, Frozen
  10. I would think of something that Andrew talked about here: Then you could have 2 ways of launching Alfred and even more. Like combining several Filefilters, google/yahoo/bing search, bookmarks in Safari and chrome etc. I definitely agree on that. Like you said, others would see this as a bug. Btw i use this workflow for Chrome bookmarks:
  11. Aside of all the performance etc., the Problem that i would see here is the overview. Even now i sometimes have issues to find the right file. Like some have first of all long filenames and/or have similar names. Having a couple of things popping up in your default search would make it more like a pain than a gain of features. Like you're not focused at what you wanna see.
  12. Kinda curious what else you use Alfred remote for nowadays? I have been using it just a few days ago for some locking/unlocking at work.
  13. I think the main point here is the fuzzy search. I too miss that feature i must say. I often have snippets of which i know a word or phrases that they expand to but not the Keyword nor the Name. Invoking the snipped search doesn't let me search for the snippet content.
  14. That's actually a feature that I've been missing out on Alfred <.< something i have been looking for the other day...Glad i saw your post