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  1. Kinda curious what else you use Alfred remote for nowadays? I have been using it just a few days ago for some locking/unlocking at work.
  2. I think the main point here is the fuzzy search. I too miss that feature i must say. I often have snippets of which i know a word or phrases that they expand to but not the Keyword nor the Name. Invoking the snipped search doesn't let me search for the snippet content.
  3. That's actually a feature that I've been missing out on Alfred <.< something i have been looking for the other day...Glad i saw your post
  4. easiest way for me was to open the appearance file with something like Textmate and then edit the color itself. Like this: "search" : { "paddingVertical" : 23, "background" : "#212121FF", "spacing" : 0, "text" : { "size" : 30, "colorSelected" : "#000000FF", "font" : "System Light", "color" : "#FEFFFFFF" }, "backgroundSelected" : "#FFFFFFFF" ← here is the color for the selected text which is currently F6D4FFFF If you have any issues then here is the theme with a white selected text: Here is another modified version that i use: However usually you're supposed to be able to change the color via holding the FN key and then the selected text color should show. Just click there and you can change it. I can't and this might be a bug? Cheers, Frozen
  5. Waking this thread up from the dead I'm still at this issue...I have been using launchbar sometimes, but hate it...the performance is pure....when working with huge Indexed data and always crashes.... I just love Alfred for his performance and overall what you can do with him. To my still persisting issue. I tried to use the locate function that you talked about @deanishe but ran into this issue: Telling me i don't have access even tho i do have...i can browse through everything. However i do have to sign in to get access to the server itself and have just permission to view one folder structure but there all the parent directories. Could it be that I'm doing something wrong? Locate works on my local machine tho. Is there maybe another easy way? Cheers, Frozen
  6. Hello everyone, it would be pretty cool if it would be possible to select multiple Files, Clips or whatever from the Clipboard history and paste it. For instance: I would have copied a few files and wanna paste them. Here is an example: If i could now just press Shift+Arrow down to select multiple items and then just paste them that would be awesome If there is another way then lemme know, but else this would be decent to have. Another addition to that would be the ability to change the Shortcut for adding files to the file buffer. Something like ⌘+C and ⌘+V would make the file Buffer/Navigation even better Cheers, Frozen
  7. Installing it to give it a try Gemini looks like the easy way tho xD That is my issue currently. I still have to set up better rules for Hazel, but overall have been using Hazel pretty late so that i have a lot of files laying around. To make it easy i have just thrown stuff on another external drive...there is even more sitting which i have to sort out. After the process is done, it would be way easier
  8. Good to know the other side too. I'll for now stay away from it, unless someone can give me some good reasons for it I got curious about Gemini 2 as one reason of my space gets filled is probably due to duplicates. I manage a lot of files most with hazel but have a lot that haven't been managed by it and it would take quite some time to do so. Is Gemini actually good or how do you guys work with duplicates? @nikivi are you actually using Noizio quite often? What's the quality of the sounds? I just found this website for such a thing, but am still curious.
  9. Thanks for the replies! I have Hazel and use it for a lot of file management. I have to step it up tho to manage even more with it. I got curious about cleanmymac the other day as i ran out of storage and now saw it again in nikivi's list. After hearing all this i won't get it and rather work on my hazel rules
  10. Good collection and overall nicely shown I actually saw that you use CleanMyMac 3, is that overall good of any use? Never tried any cleaning app on a Mac oO Cheers, Frozen
  11. Switched up the colors and sizes a bit but damn man that black and white is just awesome! Good job!
  12. Hello everyone, I'm using Alfred at work for different paths on the Server. I'm doing so via a List Filter that contains all the Paths and passes them to the Action "Browse Alfred". The Paths look something like this: "/Volumes/pub/fdw/Project/ProjectNumber/ProjectNumberstuff/3_Electric/03_Konstruction/04_Presentations/" What I'd like to do is that i browse that path like this: "/Volumes/pub/fdw/Project/ProjectNumber/ProjectNumberstuff/3_Electric/03_Konstruction/04_Presentations/*1110" I can create the "*1110" or only "1110" which would be enough via another List Filter selection, but Alfred cannot browse that Folder as it doesn't exist in that way. Does anyone have another solution. P.S.: @Andrew It would be really nice if you could add a way to filder the List Filter in Alfred as its hard to find something with a lot of items. Cheers, Frozen
  13. That is exactly what i needed the other day. Awesome! Now i included it into my Workflows Tyvm
  14. oh ok, I didn't know that lol I found that one the other day as I had to test a regex for a keyboard maestro macro But that's cool