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  1. @yosef https://www.alfredapp.com/shop/upgrade/
  2. I know about the wildcard thanks for the info. Ill probably do a quick hack via karabiner to have a workaround for now.
  3. Hey @Andrew any timeframe when we will get to see a fix for this :/ im currently in a heavy use of this as I'm working on a lot of documentation where it gets a bit annoying i must say. Is it a harder thing to fix?
  4. To awake their thread actually click "Setup fallback results" and simply delete Amazon etc. By selecting and pressing the "-". Cheers, Frozen
  5. I have the same issue haha, sitting there for a moment and be like ummmm ummm oh yeah lemme use spotlight.....Alfred is back and there is a relieve xD like uff now the chain is released again. "you dont know what you got until its gone" That now actually reminds me that there is a bug that happened a few days ago once again oO Whenever i am browsing through a slow external drive or a server Alfred sometimes idk why tends to freeze. That’s actually all i have an issue with.
  6. That actually adds up to the option "File type icons..." which increased the performance on external drives. Having an additional option to fully deactivate them would awesome. This in addition what i just posted would make it easier to see and then access what you want.
  7. It would make many things easier. Also recalling used filters when using "previous path" would be nice to see as suggested. I totally agree with that. Like usually you search via file filter or have a list filter to directly get to a folder and from there 10-30 or more Files appear. Having a fuzzy search would make it a lot easier to get quickly to your file in a certain Folder. Especially when you call back to that folder several times.
  8. Hello everyone, currently when I navigate through my Folders i usually tend to speed the process up by typing the folder name. When I'm within a folder and wanna select a certain file, i usually type a part of that particular file name. With numbers this works perfectly shown in the following example: Test Files: Search: As you see even tho the name is "11_12" i yet can search via "1112" which is awesome. Fuzzy works in this case. However here is the same with a string, which doesn’t work: What work however is when you add a wildcard like "*": I would love to see an option to add fuzzy search for strings too, as it’s a pain when you jump back several times to a folder by using Alfreds "Previous Path" function and you have to add "*" again. Sadly Alfred doesn’t save the previous Filter you used. Cheers, Frozen
  9. Just curious, do you have any replacement for Alfred on linux? I myself have a hard time working on other machines when i don't have Alfred and Karabiner. I even have a hard time working on windows whenever i have to....i hate it lol. @nikivi has brought me to the state where i now use sticky keys, simultaneous etc. Haha My muscles memory is pretty trained for a couple of actions by now.
  10. As of my experience with Alfred i always use the pre released version and never had any issues. The only time I had problems was at the time i was testing the Alfred 3 beta. But that update was just for those who wanted to help testing aside of the pre release versions of Alfred 2. I am currently on the latest pre Release of Alfred and the search works. No know issues from my side and I use Alfred daily at work and privat Cheers, Frozen
  11. Didn’t know you did, therefore i thought you meant emoji's that are unicode based. So yeah natively Alfred doesn’t have support for images. Would be nice to see
  12. @Beiling With a little search in the Forum i found this again: http://joelcalifa.com/blog/alfred-emoji-snippet-pack/ Image is not needed, emojis are based on unicode. Cheers, Frozen
  13. I may quote yourself when it comes to the posting part "Knowledge is knowing where the answers might lie. Solving problems is knowing how to apply the knowledge you have to solve a thing." I know from viewing some of your questions and of which i replied to that you sometimes just ask too quick and don't actually take a moment to think about the issue. You can post as much as you want, as long as you have thought about it and not just have shot it out. In addition to that is the way of how . Like the whole screenshot thing ^^ About the methodical part, it actually reminds me of my father haha. He has things usually neatly put out and also documents things really well for times when he hasn’t looked at something for a long time and knows he will need it again. I myself find this step sometimes a bit overkill when you do it with so many things but it’s a nice to have.
  14. nikivi's attempt is not bad, the more you learn the smarter you get. Also by using a lot of these things you learn what is the best for you or overall the smartest way. With the page he was just showing that he tries i guess. But yeah i agree that it’s a process
  15. I find it quite interesting and must say by looking at it I'm picking more things out that make my workflow better. I didn't even know about the simultaneous press before which i now implemented. Its really useful i must say and makes accessing really quick. Sticky i've used before, but bringing it now to the next lvl <.< >.>
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