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I want to append some text to my OS X clipboard selection

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I have this workflow that I often use : http://www.packal.org/workflow/notes


I made this addition to it where some selected text that I have goes straight to my Notes app. 


However I wish to append a source of where the note came from to each note. This is what I have right now : 





What I was thinking of is combining this workflow : http://www.packal.org/workflow/currenturlwith the notes one to make my desired action.


I essentially want to know how I can append text to my clipboard selection and how to combine or perhaps write my own version of CurrentURL to add a source of where the note was taken from to the end of the note, something like this : 




Also I want to have source added only if the note is taken from a browser, if taken elsewhere just add the note as it is. 


How can I make such a thing? I would appreciate any help on this. I am planning to write a few workflows of my own and want to start to contribute to this wonderful community.

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