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Bring All Apps to Front?

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Thanks for the reply Vítor. Yeah, killall makes a huge flash and may not be the best thing for permanent use. It also seems to only work for minimized apps or windows (not for hidden windows/apps].


What would be really cool would be to have a command or workflow where all minimized and hidden windows would be brought to the front. From this, it would be possible to triage your work from the multiple apps you were using (and then quit all and shut down the computer). 

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Does anyone know how to bring all hidden and minimized apps to the front? This would be a really good and useful workflow to have.


Something like...

tell application "Finder" to activate

but with "tell all open applications to activate" and/or "tell all applications to bring to front" instead.

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Thanks to a generous Stack Exchange member, I have good code to make this work (maybe one of the previous did work though).

tell application "System Events"
set the visible of every process to true
do shell script "killall -HUP Dock"
end tell
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